Silver Sol

The new Silver Sol is exciting many people around world.  This excitment is quickly spreading from person to person through personal stories and emerging laboratory results.

In order to gain an introduction to Silver Sol, the following quotation from Dr. Gordon Pedersen’s book, “A Fighting Chance”, 2nd. ed., page 12, provides a brief description:

“Silver Sol, in essence, is simply silver particles dispersed in purified water. The term “Sol” is a chemical designation of a pure mineral permanently suspended in water where the mineral’s charge is transferred to the entire body of water.”

Benefits of Silver Sol

The benefits of silver are numerous.  According to page 14 of “A Fighting Chance”, Silver Sol’s benefits include:

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial (some silvers have been shown in vitro to destroy bacteria, both forms of viruses, fungus and other significant diseases including the following: MRSA, SARS, malaria, anthrax poisoning, gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria, Hepatitis C, AIDS, and influenza
  • Potent anti-inflammatory
  • Non-toxic, even at high levels
  • No side effects or contra-indications; safe for all individuals
  • Doesn’t encourage resistant microbial strains
  • Has prophylactic potential in disease prevention
  • Immune system enhancer
  • Cost-effective
  • Internal and topical usage
  • Works synergistically with prescribed antibiotics
  • More effective than traditional antibiotics and other drugs